Top Tips for New Picture Book Writers - Lynne Garner and Friends

I'd planned to write a post where I shared my top tips for those new to picture book writing. I'd written my first paragraph when I decided to include some helpful links from the Picture Book Den.  However, it soon became clear I would be repeating advice already given and perhaps not as eloquently as other members of the PBD team or our guests. So, I decided to pick a few posts which I hope new picture book writers will find helpful.

So in no particular order

Writing Retreat - Abie Longstaff (includes advice on how to shape your story) 

Abie Longstaff -

An Acrostic of Patience - Chitra Soundar

Chitra Soundar -

How Not To Write a Rhyming Picture Book - Juliet Clare Bell

Juliet Clare Bell -

Checking Roughs - a Vital Picture Book Author Skill - Moira Butterfield

Moira Butterfield -

Writing (Picture Books) As a Business - Natascha Biebow

Lynne Garner -

I hope you find these useful and if you have any tips yourself please do share. 

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