The Flip of a Coin – Lynne Garner

In my last post I shared how I'd collaborated with a specialist proof-reader/editor to hone some of my picture book stories. And that I planned to create a list of agents and publishers to contact. I’ve managed to create that list but not taken the next step. Which was to send my stories out to those on the list. My plan didn’t quite go as planned. I became a little, well a lot, side tracked by working on another two projects. 


Project one:
In January 2022, I wanted to learn how to turn my short stories in scripts. I was lucky enough to find a wonderful mentor. With his support I’ve rewritten one of my Moon Meadow Farm stories as a short film script. My mentor suggested I should hone my new skills and repeat the process. So, I chose one of my Brer Rabbit stories and have rewritten it in script format. This script is now in its first draft and resting.
Whilst it’s resting, I’ve been working on my other project. 


Project two:

During the pandemic I treated myself to a guitar like instrument called a Merlin M4. In my teens and early 20’s I used to play, badly, the classical guitar. But I haven’t played an instrument since. Once out of the box I quickly realised I had a steep learning curve ahead of me. It was during this learning curve an idea formed for a non-fiction book.
An hour or so before writing the first draft of this blog I completed my final draft of my music related book. I’ve found a proof-reader/editor and a beta reader and plan to send my draft to them and return to… well I’m not sure what to return to. I want to find new homes for my picture books. I also want to get my second script to the point where I feel confident enough to send it to my mentor.
Which one to do?
Decision made!
I’m going to let fate decide and flip a coin. Heads it’ll be my picture books. Tails it will be my script. 
I’ll let you know in my next blog which it was. 


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